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  1. .....Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light..... Neon's not dead, in fact it's missed! This was a job that we completed back in February of 2012 for Lucky's Lunch Counter located in East Village right across from Padre's PETCO Park Downtown San Diego. Lucky's Lunch Counter is probably what you could call the first as a reboot of Neon back to Downtown San Diego. Exposed Neon has been banned throughout downtown San Diego especailly in the gaslamp district. Too bad, it's much missed and I'll tell you about that part a little later. But for right now only halo illumination and backlit lighting for signs is allowed, or unless you plan on putting a Neon Window sign behind your store glass pane. The East Village district of Downtown thankfully is more open to change, and more incline to allowing the traditions of what downtown San Diego used to look like in the Hay Day. Exposed Neon is one of those jobs that West Coast Sign Company likes to surge at. It's not that often that exposed Neon jobs are asked for due to regulation of review design boards & civic historic commissions. Neon fabrication & installation is one of West Coast Sign Company's specialties. With the huge influx of LEDs for illumination talented sign shop help who understood how to handle Neon has been lost & the tradesman that had the proper knowledge of "know how" is gone or short on hand. The only answer is to replace a classic art and tradition with LEDs. We know how to handle, measure, load, fabricate & install Neon signs. This is what separates us from the lopsided choice that a lot of sign shops that will ONLY offer you a one choice option for sign illumination....LED's and statements filled with misinformation and mis-characterization of Neon or Fluorescent lamps as "inefficient & high maintenance". These are marketing statements handed down from light source manufacturers all in the name to sell a product. As you can see, no other light source can replace the sheer brilliance of Neon lights, or beat the wide palette of colors to choose from for your electrical sign identification. SHOT 1. Getting our sign pattern on the wall and drilling for structural mounting and the electrical needs. SHOT 2. The Neon glass being used for "Luckys" is custom mix rare-earth phosphor called B.A.M. A good close color would be EGL's Horizon Blue. Rare-earth Phosphor lamps are about 40% brighter than the conventional single halo-phosphate coated neon lamps and have a better lumen maintenance, or will stay brighter over time and keep their brilliance. The lower cabinet "Lunch Counter" is a white custom coated white Tri-Phosphor lamps. The Orange clover is glass produced by Tecnolux. SHOT 3. Early installation shot. Just finished applying the weatherproofing silicone caps to the Neon receptacles. These silicone caps are important because when it rains or on high moisture days this can cause the housings to crack or cause a short. SHOT 4. A day shot after completion. As you can see, using Rare-Earth & Tri-Phosphor coated lamps the intensity is so bright it makes for good identification even by day competing against the sun light SHOT 5. Our night shot. This is one of those signs where a photo does no justice and where only a visit in person can justify. We are very proud of this sign that will last the ages and hopefully one day turn into a classic. When properly loaded, installed well with the shortest possible leads, quality components, this can easily turn into another one of our signs where we will never need to replace anything for 18+ years. West Coast Sign Company, San Diego CA, 92131 (858) 689-0080 • info@westcoastsignco.com