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Integrating Neon in your Electric Sign is one of our specialties. Good processed Neon should last easily 20 years when processed correctly and very efficient light average at just 3 watts per linear foot. Neon cannot be duplicated by appearance, longevity, or light output by LED's

Having the "Know How" makes the difference between staying Maintenance Free, or becoming a Maintenance Nightmare
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Halo illuminated letters don't offer a loud in your face signage but instead are a elegant, classy, and subtle signage. Can be illuminated by Neon, or LED Light Sources.

All Our Electric Signs come with a 5 Year Worry Free Electrical Warranty. The state of California only demands 1 year.
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This is Your Sign


Dimensional lettering & Logo's for your interior or exterior signage needs.

We can fabricate & install your company's logo or branding for just about any application & identification
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Internal illuminated lobby signage for your office or lobby. We can replicate your company's logo or identification and illuminate it to impress your visitors and customers.

All Our Electric Signs come with a 5 Year Worry Free Electrical Warranty. The state of California only demands 1 year.
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Ground Signs for your business or shopping center. Illuminated or non-illuminated. We will fabricate & install your ground signs for identification or direction.

All Our Electric Signs come with a 5 Year Worry Free Electrical Warranty. The state of California only demands 1 year.
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Energy Efficient Channel Letters

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Energy Efficient & Light Efficient Channel Letters

Energy Efficient
We can plan your next illuminated channel letter or electric sign project to be more energy & light efficient, cutting the energy consumption by up to 55% over conventional constructed signs. Also, at the same time the brightness will be 30% brighter and last two to three times longer than conventional CCFL illuminated signs.



smallfrance300.jpg PLSportseff.jpg

Please see an article on this job published in Sign Builder Illustrator Magazine LINK

West Coast Signs specializes in using only top of the line sign components into our custom fabricated signs.

In most applications we can use energy efficient electronic transformers for our cold cathode illuminated channel letters over conventional electromagnetic transformers.
Using electronic transformers we can reduce the input current anywhere from 60%-73% over conventional magnetic transformers and LED illuminated sign systems. Which also means you can save money by stacking more electronic transformers on a single circuit instead of having to pay the expense of running additional circuits from the panel to sign locations.

In a recent proposed sign where energy consumption was a concern for a set of channel letters we laid out patterns for both Neon & LED’s for a light source. The results were staggering. For this typical sized sign after installation & measured, we had this single set with using electronic transformers at 260 watts of power and drawing 2.3 amps per sign. That is just 2 and a half 100 watt bulbs, that is just $68.00 to operate per year. With the same size sign using conventional electromagnetic transformers we got 532 watts per sign and drawing 6.75 amps. With an LED system we got 576 watts per sign and drawing 9 amps per sign.

Not only are the electronic transformers energy efficient, but they will also illuminate the CCFL lamps higher than most conventional magnetic transformers. A conventional electromagnetic 30 MA transformer operates at about 24 MA. Our select electronic transformers operate at a constant current of 30MA, or 30 MA RMS which will give a higher light output.

How are our channel letter sign brighter than conventional systems and our competition?

We are one of the few sign companies where our standard choice of CCFL lamps for channel letters is Tri-Phosphors for white backlit, light sources and Rare Earth phosphors for colored CCFL backlit light sources.

These are both 30%-50% brighter than standard 6500 Snow White and conventional halo phosphate coated lamps. Over time, the use of Tri-Phosphor and Rare Earth Phosphor lamps have proven to keep their illumination twice as long as conventional CCFL (neon) lamps. A properly pumped CCFL lamp will last from 15-20 years.

Please see an article on this job published in Sign Builder Illustrator Magazine LINK

Don't take our word on brightness and longevity of our manufactured signs. We have a list of clients for you to call by day, and already installed signs for you to see by night. Bright long lasting signs are dependent on two processes, proper lamp processing and proper installation. Proper installation and loading is key for a maintenance free sign that can last up to 15 years and beyond.






Coated%20Green.jpg.jpg IMG_0650.jpg
Custom coated rare earth phosphor lamps. Traction Tire, Ramona CA

Horizon%20Gold.jpg Yogurt%20Universe%20Mall%20Shot.jpg
Custom coated rare earth phosphor lamps. Escondido, Ramona CA


This is our custom coated lamp we made specially for this project, we call it "La Jolla Gold". You can see for yourself but most importantly take a drive out for yourself to Escondido CA, and observe in person. You will notice how much brighter THIS halo illuminated sign actually punches out greater than front illuminated signs and our competition (which normally doesn't happen), see how it compares to the exposed neon sign of Panda Express.

You can read about these jobs in a January 2011 issue of Sign Builder Illustrator LINK

Visit our portfolio of channel letters LINK


West Coast Sign Company, San Diego CA, 92131 (858) 689-0080 • info@westcoastsignco.com

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